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Сделайте следующие предложения отрицательными.

2. We shall do these exercises on the board. 3.I studied English at school. 4. Peter speaks Italian well. 5. His sister teaches Physics at the University. 6. They will go to the cinema tomorrow.



вами из скобок.

aminations well (what, how). 3.I go to school in the morning (where, when). 4. My sister lives in Moscow (who, where). 5. We learned ten words at the last lesson (how many, what, when).

Present Continuous.

ten (to go) to Moscow. 7. I’m sorry. I (to forget) the title of the book. My brother (to read) it now.

Past Indefinite.


2. They (to finish) the building of the station by the end of the last month.

Uncle Garro (to visit) Uncle Melic before the latter (to leave) for New York.

He (to pack) all the things by 5 o’clock yesterday.

He (to receive) the telegram after he (to come) home.

They (not to reserve) a room in a hotel before they (to leave).

дующих предложениях.

. The teacher will have explained new material tomorrow by the end of the first lesson..


It (to rain) before you (to come).



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